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Vacature - Senior System Designer

Senior System Designer


Tasks and Responsibilities:

  • Reviews and negotiates on customer requirements.
  • Renders customer requirements into (sub)system and electrical, software, wiring and motion control requirements.
  • Breaks down specifications into modular concepts and functions, enabling reusability also in future system designs.
  • Prepares quotations with (sub)system concept(s), material costs and reliable development effort estimations.
  • Creates (sub)system concepts with proven technology / risk management in mind, optimized by a multi-disciplinary view and founded by necessary theoretical calculations. 
  • Creates (sub) system designs, based on defined concept(s). Product cost, regulations, manufacturability, serviceability, technical risk, project delivery time and development effort have to be taken into account.
  • Creates or delegates electrical, software, wiring and motion control designs to (external) designers and engineers.
  • Supports the Sales and Customer organizations as a technical specialist.
  • Supports Frencken mechatronics with complex production issues as a technical specialist.
  • Takes technical responsibility in projects and is aware of his/her leading role in these projects.
  • Maintains and improves personal and technical knowledge via training and networking.
  • Pro-actively contributes in improvement processes.
  • Coaches colleagues and delegates work.
  • Initiates and manages in- and external discussions concerning system requirements, architecture and electrical, software, wiring and motion control design.
  • Transfers relevant knowledge with stakeholders in- and outside the organization.
  • Manages his/her own work and the work assigned to others based on the project plan.
  • Delivers planning and development strategy input to the project managers.
  • Inspires and coaches team members to get the job done and is willing to go the extra mile.
  • Initiates and deploys changes and improvements within Frencken Engineering.
  • Manages progress and problems pro-actively until closure.
  • Verifies system concepts and designs pro-actively with his stakeholders and delegates parts of it to designers and engineers.


  • Skilled in designing complex mechatronic systems from (pre-) concept phase up to system verification.
  • Skilled in electrical, software, wiring and motion control development and outsourcing.
  • Skilled in methodologies and available tools for rendering customer requests in a reliable and competitive system design.
  • Skilled in test and simulation tooling.
  • Skilled in dynamic system behavior and motion control component selection.
  • Strong affinity with mechanics.
  • Strong affinity with development processes, product standards, product verification and validation.
  • Is a conceptual, lateral, analytical and creative thinker with helicopter view.
  • Fluency in English, both orally and in writing.
  • Is able to give presentations on technical issues to large groups, and can influence the effect of the presentation.
  • Uses different communication styles and can adapt his/her communication to all levels in- and outside the organization.
  • Knows how to balance empathy and goals.
  • Is open for feedback on his/her work and behavior and able to give feedback on content, behavior and process.
  • Is aware of own and others effectiveness and knows how to use this knowledge effectively.
  • Hands-on team-player.
  • Leadership (technical), motivating, coaching and delegating.
  • Manages individuals, teams and stakeholders effectively.
  • Can handle uncertainty and gives direction to mitigate when needed.



Education and Experience:

  • Technical education at bachelor or academic level.
  • More than 10 years’ experience in product development related to electronics, embedded software or mechatronics.

Tags: system architectsystem designer

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